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Powder Coating For Automotive Industry

Powder coating is a surface coating technique, for the automotive industry powder coating has grown in popularity in the due to various benefits over traditional liquid coatings, changing the way vehicles are protected and finished. As a result of its increased durability and improved environmental sustainability, powder coating is now becoming an mainstay option for automotive manufacturers.

Key Advantages of Powder Coating in Vehicle Manufacturing:

  • Powder coating’s exceptional durability is one of its key advantages in the automotive industry.
  • Powder-coated surfaces are extremely resistant to chipping, scratching, abrasions and fading, making them perfect for withstanding the harsh conditions experienced by vehicles on the road.
  • The tough and durable coating also provides corrosion protection, chemical resistance and protection against UV rays.
  • Greater environmental sustainability

Powder coating allows for a wide range of colour and finish options with coatings available in a variety of colours, textures, and finishes, allowing manufacturers to produce a customised and aesthetically pleasing look for their vehicles. It can be utilised in various areas of the automotive industry, some of the common applications of powder coating in the automotive sector include:

  • Air filter housing
  • Alloy road wheels
  • Brake callipers & components
  • Bright trim moulding
  • Bumpers
  • Door handles
  • Engine blocks – iron & alloys
  • Interior and exterior trim parts
  • Mirror housings
  • Motorcycle frames
  • Oil filter housings
  • Rocker covers
  • Seat frames
  • Steel wheels assemblies
  • Stereo system components
  • Suspension systems
  • Underbody primer
  • Windscreen wipers
At Alpha of Redditch we can match any colour you require and you can get an idea of some of our colour range by downloading our Colour Chart PDF by clicking here. As well as this we can arrange direct collection and delivery if required with our drop side vehicle 4mtr long x 2 mtr wide bed with a weight limit of 1.2 ton.

Customer Testimonials

  • ADI Mechanical have been using Alpha of Redditch for their services for a number of years now, their turnaround times are exceptional, along with their quality of work. If ADI require a certain specification, Alpha of Redditch assist us through this process, along with any documentation we require. Read more...

    Gareth Project Manager ADI Group Birmingham

  • We make bespoke lighting for large scale Commercial and Residential projects, these often require our products to be colour matched to Architects requirements. Roland and the team at Alpha have always been available to discuss our needs and offer a quick turn round time - something which is vital to us. Read more...

    Alison Internal Project Manager Century Lighting

  • Our service from Alpha has been second to none, with some of the best lead times in the industry. Could not recommend Alpha highly enough to anyone. There are plenty of suppliers out there that are a headache to deal with, but with Alpha its always a pleasure and one less thing to worry about. Read more...

    Josh Performance Window Fabrications Birmingham