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Stuart, Director at Code 14 Steel Fabricators

Code 14 make specialist stands for exhibition halls, museums and shop fittings. As such, much of their work is bespoke to each customer, often large-scale pieces. They have their own design team in house.

Code 14 use Alpha of Redditch for powder coatings because their service is very good. The finished products are packed carefully onto pallets which enables Code 14 to collect the finished piece and deliver it direct to their customers, so there is no need for double handling. Code 14 often have large pieces for coating and appreciate that Alpha of Redditch are particularly geared up for this type of work. The service is fantastic – they are very accommodating and able to deliver goods with a very quick turnaround time.

In terms of colours, they offer a good range in house and can source a specific colour by the next day if necessary.

They provide up to the minute information about when products will be ready, we receive an email notification when the job is done, or we can phone up anytime and get an estimated finish time.

Their prices are competitive for big, bulky items. Because Code 14 have used Alpha of Redditch for years, and have a great working relationship, we know a ball-park figure for each job and we don’t necessarily get a quote before each job is done.

David Hedges, Accurate Cutting Services

We have been tracking down specific machines – we currently hold around 20 of them – and when we get them in they need stripping, refurbishing and re-assembly. We have 2 machines in Redditch, 18 located inside a customers’ facility in the north, 1 has just arrived with us and there is another arriving from Korea shortly. Some of them are quite old and one we acquired was literally burnt out, but they are very good for our purpose one they are refurbished. Having had discussions with various possible suppliers and making some factory visits, we decided to try Alpha of Redditch.

The first job we sent to Alpha came back beautiful, it was like a new machine. They help us by managing all the transport for us - they give us brilliant service. They collect the various parts from us, take them to a shot-blasters, collect them from there, complete the painting in their factory and then deliver the finished parts back to us. They ordered powder paint of a specific colour for our brand, which they hold in stock for the future work. The whole process works really well in practice.

I would give Alpha of Redditch a 10 out of 10 – what we wanted is exactly what we get. One of our guys is even getting his Vespa scooter repainted after seeing the quality of their work!

Glen Mortiss, Endeavour Vehicle Conversions

We have been using Alpha of Redditch since Roland took over the business about 4 years ago.

Their service in comparison to other powder coatings suppliers is really, really good.

Their turnaround times are good. They have the ability to be flexible and assist us, they will always go the extra mile for us. In the motor trade, we are always at the end of the line, so we need to turnaround jobs quickly for our customers. I have always found the team at Alpha to be fair and they are honest and truthful about what is a realistic time for a job to be done. Sometimes others in the trade will take the work and then not deliver on their promises, this just doesn’t happen with Alpha.

We get a telephone call when a job is ready.

We use Alpha to powder coat everything from small brackets up to large storage lockers.

I am more than happy with the quality of their workmanship. I cannot remember a time when I’ve had to send something back, with Roland the quality is always there, and the service is always there; things I don’t always get from other suppliers. In the past, when I've tried other suppliers I had to send things back because of poor quality workmanship. I use Alpha of Redditch because I believe it doesn’t pay to do things on the cheap.

JH, director at industrial chimney manufacturer

We have been dealing with Alpha of Redditch for 4 to 5 years, at both their old and new premises.

We find that their turnaround time is excellent and their accommodation of our needs superb. If we need to finish a job, for example, we can get the work to Alpha of Redditch at 9am on a Monday and they will have it ready for collection by 4pm. This means we can assemble the equipment and fit it at our customers’ premises on the next day, Tuesday.

I find their advice regarding powder coatings to be second to none. Any issues we have regarding colour compatibility, Roland is great at resolving. Often our customers won’t have a pantone or other colour reference, so they usually send us a photograph and Roland will always accurately colour match to that. We use prefabricated items, so sometimes only the parts on public display need colour matching, the rest will be left in silver.

We only use Alpha of Redditch for powder coatings because of their flexibility, location, approachable staff, very good communication and value for money costings. The two businesses have a close working, two-way relationship.

Local Business

We required a large capacity space to accommodate some tanks that needed powder coating inside and out, thankfully Alpha of Redditch came to the rescue with their new processing facility.

Debbie Taylor

My daughters scooter got damaged by bullies and needed re-painting, the manager at Alpha was extremely helpful in explaining what the work would involve and provided a reasonable quote. The scooter looked as good as new after the re-painting, thank you.

Pete Jones

Can’t fault the service received from Alpha, the workmanship was perfect and the job was finished on time.

Dave Bullock

The guys from Alpha pulled out all the stops to get my wheels powder coated for the custom car show.

Steve Edwards

Shopped around for numerous quotes prior to getting my frame powder coated, Alpha provided a competitive quote although not the cheapest, I decided to go ahead with their service, and received an outstanding paint job.

Ian Davis

I needed some components powder coated as part of a project which had a critical delivery date, the Alpha team responded quickly to my requirements, and provided and very high quality of service and my deadlines were met ahead of schedule.

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