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Years of experience

There is no use having excellent systems, and top of the range equipment if you don’t have the people to utilise them to their maximum. At Alpha of Redditch we have invested time and energy in putting together an experienced and dedicated team. Our team has years of experience between them, which gives us the extra edge of bring you a first-class service.

A less experienced company would be able to deliver a straightforward job but could come unstuck when faced with anything out of the ordinary. At Alpha, we are constantly receiving specialist jobs that require experience and knowledge to resolve any issues that arise. A recent customer said, “I find their advice regarding powder coatings to be second to none. Any issues we have regarding colour compatibility, Roland is great at resolving.”

We don’t just powder coat simple items, we powder coat an impressive array of different items, from chimneys to burnt-out machines. We can order in any colour, so if you need a specific colour for your item, we can get that for you. If you will need to use the same colour in the future we can order it in bulk for you, and store it, thereby saving you money.

With our collective years of experience, we can see the problems that can arise, and can tackle them immediately. So, we understood that turnaround time was so important to our customers, that we developed a system to help us to optimise our turnaround time. Without the detailed experience of how powder coating works, and what can be improved within the factory, we would not have been able to create such an efficient system for our customers.

Experience goes beyond the actual powder coating job itself, it extends into all the areas of the business, to ensure that we offer our customer a first-class service through every part of the process.

If you are looking for a powder coating company that will bring you experience and knowledge to every job that they undertake, speak to us. Whether you need one small item powder coated, or are looking for an on-going working relationship, Alpha of Redditch will give you a competent and professional service. To discuss your project in more detail please call 01527 596 750. If you would like to learn about the process of powder coating, and how it differs from wet paint, please visit our services page to read more.

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