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Wouldn’t you like to know?

You are waiting to get your item back from the powder coaters. You don’t know when it was finished, you don’t know when it was sent, you aren’t sure when you might get it, your customer keeps asking for a date, you can’t give them an answer…sounds familiar? It doesn’t haven’t to be.

Much of the stress that occurs in business is caused by lack of communication. If you know when your item was despatched, you will know when you are going to receive it. In turn you can communicate this with your customer, so that they are happier, and you can build a better relationship with them, improve your reputation and reduce your stress.

Often powder coating is the last step in the manufacturing process and ensuring that your customer receives their product promptly is vital. If you know when you are going to receive the product, you can arrange onwards shipping based around this timetable. One customer when asked about Alpha of Redditch said, “They provide up to the minute information about when products will be ready, we receive an email notification when the job is done, or we can phone up anytime and get an estimated finish time.” This excellent communication takes so much stress out of the process, ensuring you receive quality powder coating when you are expecting it.

At Alpha of Redditch we also offer direct shipping, so we can ship the finished product directly from our factory to your customer. This reduces the time lag between the item being completed and the customer receiving it, and the quicker the customer receives the item, the quicker you can invoice for it. Our quality control checking is so through, that you can trust us to deliver a top-quality item without you needing to check it. So, if you want to speed up the delivery process, why not consider direct shipping to your customers.

If you are looking for a powder coating company that will reduce your stress, speak to us. Whether you need one small item powder coated, or are looking for an on-going working relationship, Alpha of Redditch will give you an experience, professional service. To discuss your project in more detail please call 01527 596 750. If you would like to learn about the process of powder coating, and how it differs from wet paint, please visit our services page to read more.

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