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When a disabled customer came to us with a desire to have his ski frame powder coated bright red, we were only too happy to oblige. At Alpha of Redditch we don’t get our customers to choose from our range of colours, but instead help them to find the exact colour that they want. We can source any colour. If you want powder coating in your corporate colours we can do that. If you want to match a specific pantone reference, we can do that. If you bring us a colour swatch, we can match that. Whatever you want powder coated in whatever colour, we can help you.

At Alpha of Redditch we hold an extensive array of colours in stock, reaching 230 different colours including textured finishes, so if you need an item powder coated that day, and we have the colour in stock, we can do that. Any colour that we order in, will be with us next day, so even with the more obscure colours we can offer a fast and efficient turnaround.

If you would like to use a non standard, a special colour or a special powder type we can help to save you money. Some other companies would simply order in your colour each time, but not Alpha of Redditch. We have invested in our large storage capacity available on site, so that we can order your specific colour in a larger quantity, securing a better price for you. We can then store that colour for your personal use over giving you a better price per job, as well as a quicker turnaround on future orders.

Whether your order is big or small, a unique one-off product, or a run of many items, we can help you to ensure that you get the correct colour for your needs. We bring our knowledge and experience to all the jobs that we undertake and ensure that our customers are always delighted with the finished product.

No matter what colour you require, Alpha of Redditch can help you. To discuss your project in more detail please call 01527 596 750. If you would like to learn about the process of powder coating, and how it differs from wet paint, please visit our services page to read more.

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