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Honesty never goes out of fashion

In business, as in life, honesty is a brilliant trait. So many companies will bend the truth to present themselves in a better light, which can be detrimental to you. It can be hard to accurately assess a company when you are unsure whether they are telling you the truth, or simply telling you what you want to hear.

If you want an item powder coated by a certain date or time you need to trust that the company, you are using will deliver according to the agreed timescale. Alpha of Redditch are renowned for their exceptional turnaround times, with over half of all jobs being completed in the same day. However, they also possess the honesty and integrity to explain to a customer if the job will take longer than the customer’s requirements. “I have always found the team at Alpha to be fair and they are honest and truthful about what is a realistic time for a job to be done. Sometimes others in the trade will take the work and then not deliver on their promises, this just doesn’t happen with Alpha.” Glen Mortiss from Endeavour Vehicle Conversions.

Not only are Alpha of Redditch honest, but they are also helpful. They understand that it is not enough to just deliver top quality powder coating and will make sure that they help out with other aspects of the process such as transport and colour matching. “They help us by managing all the transport for us – they give us brilliant service. They collect the various parts from us, take them to a shot-blasters, collect them from there, complete the painting in their factory and then deliver the finished parts back to us.” David Hedges from Accurate Cutting Services. Some companies would insist on a pantone colour reference for matching colours, not Alpha of Redditch: “Often our customers won’t have a pantone or other colour reference, so they usually send us a photograph and Roland will always accurately colour match to that.”

If you are looking for an honest and helpful powder coating company, look no further than Alpha of Redditch. Alpha of Redditch will go out of their way to ensure first class customer service combined with a professional top-quality finish, all delivered for an affordable price. To learn more about powder coating click here. Or to discuss your next project please call Alpha of Redditch on 01527 596750

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