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Good communication is vital

There is nothing more frustrating than lack of communication from people and businesses. That is why Alpha of Redditch have designed and installed an automated process that tracks your order from the beginning to the end, automatically emailing you when your job is finished. This prevents the traditional delay in waiting for a call, which may come some time after the work has been completed. This system allows you to be able to receive or collect your order as soon as it is finished, thereby enabling you to deliver the finished product quickly to your customer.

At Alpha of Redditch, we understand the importance of a quick turnaround time, and the systems that need to be in place to ensure that this is consistently met. The quality of our monitoring process cuts down the time spent waiting for your order to be finished and ensures that all our customers receive both a quick turnaround time and excellent communication throughout the order process.

We have used our many years of experience in the powder coating industry to be able to accurately assess how long a job will take. This knowledge gives us the ability to be able to give you a quote based on the length of time your project will take. Precise quoting means that you will be able to be correctly factor in the powder coating costs to your job.

Knowing that your powder coating will be produced on time and on budget when you come to us, gives you peace of mind. Because we communicate with you, you will be able to communicate confidently with your customer, secure in the knowledge that Alpha of Redditch will deliver first rate powder coating.

You will spend time building your reputation with your customers, and you need to be able to trust in other professionals to not let you down. The reassurance gained from working with Alpha of Redditch will relieve you of one source of anxiety. With our monitoring system you always know where you stand.

Enjoy the peace of mind that good communication brings, with Alpha of Redditch. To discuss your project in more detail please call 01527 596 750. If you would like to learn about the process of powder coating, and how it differs from wet paint, please visit our services page to read more.

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