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Does your powder coating company do this?

How much time do your staff spend in organising items to be powder coated? The associated time spent in having an item powder coated can soon, in many cases, mount up. You need to package the item up to dispatch it to your powder coating company. Then when you receive it back from the company, you need to unpackage it to check it, before re-packing it up again and shipping it to final customer. There is a lot of accumulated time, and packaging materials, in this process.

Like other business owners you are looking to increase your profit margins. You can either raise your prices or you can reduce your costs. By streamlining your process, you will improve your profit margin. Imagine dealing with a company that was so reliable that you didn’t need to check their work. Imagine dealing with a company that packaged your product to your high standards, so that you could simply direct ship that product to your customer. Imagine how much time and money that could save you.

At Alpha of Redditch we ensure that all our jobs are finished to the highest standard. We quality check all orders before they are carefully packaged for transport. We can direct ship your product to your customer, and you can rest assured that the finished item will be to the highest standard and that you can trust us to have packaged your item in a well-presented and protective way.

During recent customer surveys, this excellent service was commented on by a company that produces specialist stands for museums and exhibitions, “no need for double handling.” This was just one of the areas of first rate customer service that was commented on by a range of customers during interview. Another customer said, “Their service in comparison to other powder coating suppliers is really, really good.”

You can reduce costs, both in time and packaging materials by reducing the double handling of your items. So, if you are looking for ways to lower your costs and improve your profit and would like the ability to direct ship from your powder coating company to your end customer, why not give Alpha of Redditch a call on 01527 596750. With Alpha of Redditch you can trust that our quality control will ensure that your order will be finished to the highest standard.

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